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maintronic extends Casambi with multi-channel dimmers and switches as cost-effective DIN rail modules. Combined with decentralised actuators the system can be operated very comfortably on site by push-button or radio.

Central Casambi PLUS modules are installed in the control cabinet and are enabled with a wireless gateway for Casambi.

The advantages of Casambi PLUS are, existing systems can be made Casambi-capable very easily and cost-effectively. A further advantage is, the central cabling eliminates the need to install boxes on site.

Casambi - Licht steuern - Phasendimmer

Casambi Mesh

In a mesh network, each module receives signals and simultaneously retransmits the received data. So each module works also as an repeater antenna.



PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT 2020   Information and availability coming soon!

Push button gateway

  • Wireless bridge to control cabinet
  • Wireless 6 CH push button inputs
  • Casambi repeater
  • Comfort push button functions

cCoupler - Item.No. 10.174

Casambi - Tasteingang Interface

Casambi - Tasteingang Interface

Phase dimmer DIN-rail

  • Trailing edge LED dimmer
  • 4 CH | 120W
  • 4 push button inputs
  • Central wiring in the control cabinet
  • Compact and efficient

AD4 - Item.No. 10.280

Casambi - Tasteingang Interface

Blind actuator DIN-rail

  • Central blind control
  • 8 CH | 16A Relay
  • 4 push button inputs
  • Central wiring in the control cabinet
  • Compact and efficient

ABA4 - Item.No. 10.755

Casambi - Tasteingang Interface

Casambi - Schema

Casambi - decentral modules
Casambi - central modules with Casambi PLUS