Casambi Input Controller

• Casambi Tasterschnittstelle
• 4-fach Tasterschnittstelle
• Casambi repeater
• Netzbetrieb 100...240V AC

The CI4 AC is a Casambi push button interface


This Casambi controller has 4 push-button inputs suitable for all mains voltage approved push-buttons of the well-known switch manufacturers. The device is operated with mains voltage, the potential of the push button inputs are also mains voltage.

Casambi App automatically identifies the device and can be integrated into existing networks. All functions triggered by the buttons are individually configurable.


Produktdaten CI4 AC:

 Casambi input controller

 4-fach Casambi Tasterschnittstelle

 Geringe Abmessungen 44x29x16 mm

 Casambi meshnet repeater

 Netzbetrieb 100...240V AC


Artikel. Nr. 10.805