Casambi DC blind actuator

Product announcement
• Current controlled, limits, ramp and position
• Astro timer, group scenes (Mesh)
• Slider drive position
• 2 inputs free programmable
• Safe operation, full protections ...

Blind actuator Casambi 12-24V DC


Target market:

Blind actuator for engines upto 5A with 10-24V DC Caravan, roof, roller shutter, venetian blind, hangings



Casambi controlled with IOS and Android App
Batteryless BLE wireless pushbutton
2 direct inputs for manual control or limit switches



Interoperable with Casambi Mesh
Over the air updates
Driving profiles, SoftOFF
maintenance free
efficient <0,03W
ultracompact 29x42x13mm
Longlife 5 years warranty

With your tablet or smartphone controlling and configuration such as control time functions is very convenient and easy. Safe operation, forget sticking relays thanks to built-in mutual locking.

Quick installation due to a compact terminal, all internally wired for motor connection cable. Extended comfort functions such as longpress, toggle, scene and group functions.

Single or Group control possible. Adjust throught 0...100% slider for position and an extra slider for slat position.

Product features


Group devices
Create groups for joint control.
Timer features
Run blinds with specific time.
Astro function
Drive the blind to sun times.
2 way control
Hard and software interlocked 2 way drive control for upto 5A.
Casambi enabled wireless switches
Wireless Switch for fixed installations.

Product data CBA1024:

Blind actuator Casambi

 2 CH blind actuator

 Control: Casambi, local control

 10 ... 24V DC / 5A

 Part. No. 10.790