CTS2 Casambi tactile sensor coupler

6-fold installation wall control
Perfect (tactile) switch feeling
+ 2-fold pushbutton inputs
55x55 wall switch form factor
Backlight illuminated
Individual labeling

Casambi tactile sensor coupler


Installation tactile wall switch for controlling upto 8 functions or devices in a CASAMBI network.

6-fold sensor buttons in combination with a GIRA TS2 pushbutton sensor. And 2x additional programmable pushbutton inputs.

All functions are freely configurable with the CASAMBI App.

Casambi wireless operation

Casambi App automatically identifies the device and can be integrated into existing networks. All functions triggered by the buttons are individually configurable with a smartphone.

Live LED-Feedback

Programmable LED feedback for each button makes operation very intuitive and without the need for a smartphone.

Backlight illuminated

For a comfortable usage during the night the sensor buttons are illuminated with a backlight.

Casambi features


Group devices
Create groups for joint control.
Timer features
Create scheduled scenes.
Astro function
Activate scenes at sunrise and sunset.

Product data:


 6-fold installation wall control

 + 2-fold pushbutton inputs


 Perfect (tactile) switch feeling

 Configuration with Casambi


Part. No. 10.601 CTS2 Casambi tactile sensor coupler


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