Control central and decentral DALI modules wireless

From Casambi to DALI

With our Casambi-compatible input controller CI4 / DALI, modules in the control cabinet equipped with DALI can be controlled via APP. Combined with decentralised Casambi and DALI actuators the system can be operated very conveniently by push-button or wireless.

Room solutions can be created very easily and cost-effectively also a central cabling avoids the need to install boxes.


Casambi - building automation from maintronic



Casambi Mesh

In a mesh network, each module receives signals and simultaneously retransmits the received data. So each module works also as an repeater antenna.





Input Controller CI4 / DALI

  • 4-fold push-button-interface
  • DALI-button coupler (DALI1)
  • Casambi enabled module
  • Gateway: DALI to Casambi (DALI2)
  • Power supply from DALI
Casambi - Input Controller

Casambi - DALI Input Controller - push-button-input - repeater

DALI Retrofit Universal Dimmer

  • Trailing- leading edge dimmer
  • Automatic load detection
  • One dimmer for all common luminaires
  • DALI and push-button-input

DALI switch actuators

  • Switch actuators 1CH / 2CH
  • Volt free inputse
  • Changeover contacts or
  • Switch power relais
  • High inrush current up to 165A (20ms)