XLED4 CV Casambi LED Dimmer

• 1-4 CH LED-dimmer constant voltage
• Control with Casambi, DALI / Push Button
• 4,4A / CH | 17,6A max. output current
• Rich diagnostic tools
• Plus Features: variable Fadetime and
  Dimmspeed, Soft-Off

Casambi LED Dimmer Constant Voltage


LED ballast for comfortable and flexible control of LEDs with constant voltage (usually LED strips) through a smartphone or tablet. Additionally DALI integrated, depending on the operation mode 1 to 4 channels.

Casambi wireless operation

Casambi App automatically identifies the device and can be integrated into existing networks. All functions triggered by the buttons are individually configurable.

Casambi as a DALI extension

The special feature is, in addition to the app operation for the private or personal environment, the dimmer is also equipped with interfaces such as DALI or push-button. It opens completely new possibilities for institutional users.

For example, the building lighting management system can take over the general control via DALI. In addition, every user can make individual settings on site via smartphone.

Operation modes

Casambi luminaire profiles and use cases: The device has different operating modes (so-called Casambi profiles) with the profiles the functionality and the parameters are determined. It is possible to operate the device in 1, 2 or 4 channel mode. Plus the additional specific modes for Tunable white and RGBW.


Channels could be linked together for a higher output current than 4,4A. With a maximum of 17,6A (24V DC). Linked-channels works as a single combined output. A linked-channel group has one DALI short-adress.


Installation housing for dry interiors as ceiling, surfacemounted or inside a luminaire installation. Optional DIN-Rail mounting with an rail mount kit.

Constant Voltage (CV)

The used power supply has to be pulse resistant and stabilized. Use a Power supply voltage according the rated voltage of the LEDs. Compliant with common DALI controller and gateways.

Build in protections

With the numerous protection circuits like Short circuit with auto restart, over temperature (derating), over current. The device is ready for challenging and industrial applications.

Casambi features


Group devices
Create groups for joint control.
Timer features
Create scheduled scenes.
Astro function
Activate scenes at sunrise and sunset.
Casambi enabled wireless switches
Wireless switches for fixed installations.
Local control
Separate input for local control.

Product data:

XLED4 CV Casambi

 1-4 CH LED-Dimmer Constant Voltage

 Control with Casambi, DALI / push-button

 4,4A / CH | 17,6A max. output current

 Mounting: Installation housing INS

 Input: 10...48V DC

 Dimensions: 62 x 113 x 27 mm


Part. No. 10.541 XLED4 CV Casambi