Casambi LED-/Retrofit-Dimmer

• Load max. 300VA
• R,L,C including LED Retrofit
• AdaptiveDIM (*)
• Rich diagnostic tools
• Load number indicator
• Soft-Off, Fadetime

Casambi LED-/Retrofit-Dimmer


Digital leading edge and trailing edge phase dimmer with automatic load detection for a single dimmed phase with a max. load of 300VA. Equipped with an additional push button input which extends the dimmer with an fast analogue control. Local control is so much easier.

Casambi wireless operation

Casambi App automatically identifies the device and can be integrated into existing networks. All functions triggered by the buttons are individually configurable.

AdaptiveDIM (*)

This device is developed especially for the needs of modern lighting with LED luminaire. Easy commissioning due to an automatic measure during the first initial power on while the target load is connected. Almost magical, the load is automatically measured. AdaptiveDIM calculates the optimum dimming characteristic and sets a stable MIN and MAX brightness level.


Flush-mounted housing for installation in switch boxes or junction boxes. Attachment with side flaps, these can be removed for installation.

Build in protections

With the numerous protection circuits like Short circuit with auto restart, over temperature (derating), over current, over voltage. The device is ready for challenging and industrial applications.

Casambi features


Group devices
Create groups for joint control.
Timer features
Create scheduled scenes.
Astro function
Activate scenes at sunrise and sunset.
Casambi enabled wireless switches
Wireless switches for fixed installations.
Local control
Separate output for local control.

Product data:


 Load max. 300VA

 R,L,C including LED Retrofit

 Control: Casambi, local control with push-button

 Construction: Flush mouted housing

 Power supply: 220 ... 240V AC 50/60Hz

 Dimensions: 46,5 x 70(51) x 30 mm


Part. No. 10.270 CRD302 UP